MDR Sample Cutter Cut Board


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MDR Sample Cutter Cut Board for Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter

The Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) Sample Cutter Cut Board is a versatile tool for cutting rubber and other materials into precise samples for testing. The board is used as part of a MDR Volumetric Sample Cutter that allows for consistent and accurate sample sizes. The board is made from durable materials and is designed to withstand heavy use in industrial settings.



– Built-in template cutter for consistent sample sizes

– Durable construction for heavy use

– Easy to use and maintain

– For use with the Rheoline Volumetric Sample Cutter

– Non-slip surface provides stability during cutting for safety and precision



– Saves time and improves accuracy in sample preparation

– Reduces waste and improves efficiency in testing processes

– Versatile tool for cutting a variety of raw materials

– Ideal for quality control and research applications