Mooneyline VSC

Mooneyline Volumetric Sample Cutter


Our Mooneyline Volumetric Sample Cutter is a sensible choice when delivering consistent sample preparation of shape, size and volume. Reliable samples can optimise machine performance and ensure good procedures of quality control.

This pneumatic functional design system warrants a comfortable and safe working environment during the sample cutting operation. Optimised for ease of operation and user safety, the ergonomically designed buttons are situated at a suitable height and are designed to work simultaneously in one, easy-to-use motion.

The Mooneyline VSC sample preparation can be separated in two actions:

  • The material is compressed to the correct thickness
  • Then the cutting blade comes down to leave a sample of the correct volume and shape

The built in adjustable time delay allows the user to set the right time to compress the material correctly before the cutting action takes place. An additional benefit of this type of cutter is during the cutting process a hole is punched in the middle, ready to accept the rotor.

Technical Specifications

Standards:In accordance with BS EN242: Part 2
Sample Volume:14.3 cm³ (Nominal)
Nominal Sample Diameter:45 mm
Nominal Sample Thickness @ 4.5 cm³:9.0 mm
Repeatability:0.25 %
Delay between Squeeze and Cut (adjustable):1 sec to 10 sec
Pneumatics:Filtered Air, Min: 0.5 MPa | 72 psi | 5 Bar | 5.09 kg/cm²
Weight:38 kg
Dimensions:300 mm x 300 mm x 800 mm (W x D x H)

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