Rheoline Mini MDR Lite

Mini Moving Die Rheometer Lite

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The Rheoline Mini MDR Lite is a compact and lightweight take on our existing Prescott Instruments Rheoline MDR, complete with an identical sealed die configuration, that renders the instrument fully compatible with other sealed die systems in the market.

This easy-to-operate, entry-level instrument conforms to international standards, delivering accurate and reliable results fast, as well as optimising space and instrument footprint, making this the perfect selection for small to medium rubber testing laboratories.

The Mini MDR Lite comes complete with an integrated temperature control that is the best in its class, and with a 3 term PID control algorithm, this instrument gives accuracy better than ± 0.03 °C.

This instrument is equipped with our Labline Lite acquisition software that enables a maximum 10 data calculation for a given test specification and grants a quick pass or fail response for each test.

Quick Look

Real-Time Display

  • Standard torque curve
  • Viscous curve
  • Tan. Delta
  • Cure Rate
  • Programmable data points & limits
  • Pass/Fail limits
ISO No. 6502 / ASTM D5289
Temperature Range
Ambient to 250 °C
± 0.03 °C
Oscillation Frequency
1.67 HzOscillation Angle
0.5 °, 1.0 ° and 3.0 °

Technical Specifications

Standards:ISO No. 6502 / ASTM D5289
Die Configuration:Rotor-less, Sealed, 4.5 cm3
Oscillation Frequency:1.67 Hz
Oscillation Amplitude:0.5° (Std.), 1.0° and 3.0°
Temperature Range:Ambient to 250 °C
Temperature Control:3 term PID, control accuracy +/- 0.03 °C
Torque Range:0.001 to 250 dNm
Electrical:Single Phase 220/240 V 50 Hz | 110 V 60 Hz | 350 VA
Pneumatics:Filtered Air, Min: 0.41 Mpa | 60 psi | 4.14 Bar | 4.2 kg/cm
Weight:56 kg
300 mm x 300 mm x 690 mm (W x D x H)

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