Melinex Roll – 80mm wide


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An essential for any rubber testing professionals, Melinex Roll – 80mm Wide can be flexibly used in conjunction with both Moving Die Rheometers and Mooney Viscometers. At 600m in length, the roll can be cut to your preferred sample size many times over. Melinex film is a recognised brand-name for polyester film across the rubber and polymer industry.

Films are always recommended for use with any rubber testing instruments. By encasing the rubber sample on either side, the instrument is protected from any polymer debris, which can eventually damage the machine. Furthermore, films can prevent slippage during testing, which can cause unreliable results.


Contents: Melinex roll – 80mm wide to protect dies from contamination

Dimensions: Melinex S, Polyester film 23 micron 80mm X 600m