Rubber Testing Essentials

To make the most of your laboratory, it is aboslutely essential to maintain the highest standards of testing and maintenance. Benefits of correct instrument management include improved results, extended working life and better working practices. Read below to find our how we can help improve your rubber testing. 

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Testing With Rheometers & Viscometers

Dies are central to the design of the most popular rubber testing instruments. The sample is compressed between two platens that are manufactured to a specified, standardised design. 

Dies are a fundamental part of the Moving Die Rheometer (MDR), Oscillating Disc Rheometer (ODR), Multifunction Rheometer (MFR) and Mooney Viscometer

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The rotor and die assembly is unique to the Mooney Viscometer, one of the most well-known and long-standing instruments in rubber testing. The rotor performs controlled revolutions while the die compresses the sample. 

Rotors are available in two standard sizes: small and large. 

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Sample Preparation

To get the best results, it is important to maintain consistency amongst your test samples. Generally speaking, samples of rubber are apportioned according to volume.

This can be achieved using a Volumetric Sample Cutter, available for both a Moving Die Rheometer and a Mooney Viscometer. 

It is also possible to purchase additional cutting heads and sample cutting boards

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To prevent your samples from sticking, it is strongly advised that a film is used when testing rubber, polymers and other elastomers. By using a small square of specialist film either side of the sample, the instrument is protected without compromising the test result. 

We supply both Dartek and Melinex film, available in roll form or pre-cut for speed. 

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Go further to perfect your instrument by purchasing standardised compound. Verify and compare your instruments across your laboratory. 

We offer RB301 Butyl, which is suitable for a Mooney Viscometer. Priced per kg and also available in a bale format. 

We also supply the test compound for a Moving Die Rheometer, priced per kg, complete with verification certificate. 

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Transducers are vital to the performance of your instrument, and ensure that the correct signals are being communicated. 

Transducers are currently available for Moving Die Rheometers

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Temperature control is a vital part of successful rubber testing. Ensure your dies are heating correctly using our selection of specialist probes. 

Available for Mooney Viscometer, Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) and Oscillating Die Rheometer (ODR). Also available for our Mini range. 

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Over time, it is necessary to replace the seals around the dies to maintain the correct conditions inside the cavity for accurate testing. 

Our seals are suitable for Mooney Viscometer, Moving Die Rheometer (MDR), Multifunction Rheometer (MFR) and Osciallting Disc Rheometer (ODR). Also available for our Mini range. 

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Keep your dies heated properly with our heaters designed specifically for rubber testing machines. 

Available for Mooney Viscometer, Moving Die Rheometer (MDR) and Oscillating Disc Rheometer (ODR). 

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Rubber testing machines often use compressed air. The air flow is used to control the platens, safety guards, weights and clamps. Valves are used to control the fluid flow. 

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Illuminate your test space for visibility and safety. 

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A clean machine is the easiest way to achieve consistent accurate results. Due to the sticky nature of rubber, it is often necessary to manually clean areas of the instrument where contact has been made. 

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